Ancient Warfare 3

Ancient Warfare 3 - The Ultimate Sandbox

Creative freedom encounters the battlefield in this endlessly customizable war zone.

last updated Jan 28, 2024
Pour your hours into this game; it's an investment in fun and chaos that you won't regret.

A Symphony of Mayhem

Diving into Ancient Warfare 3 is like being handed the keys to an entire toy box. Here, your imagination is your only limit. Want a battalion of medieval knights charging head-on into a futuristic drone army? Absolutely doable. Prefer orchestrating a meticulously planned siege on a pirate stronghold with just cannons and determination? You got it. The possibilities are infinite, limited by a somewhat challenging scripting and map editor interface. Yes, it demands some learning curve that might have you pulling your hair out—or what's left of it—but the satisfaction of watching your chaotic machinations unfold is unparalleled.

Listen to the Sound of War

The audio in Ancient Warfare 3 is a mixed bag of nuts. On one hand, having the clamor of combat fill your room as you orchestrate your perfect battle is nothing short of exhilarating. Each gun, sword clank, and explosion brings a gritty realism to your screen. But let's be real, some of the sound effects, particularly the guns, emit a vibe that's less 'epic battlefield' and more 'aggressive typewriter.' It's not a deal-breaker, but sometimes you'd wish for that extra layer of polish to make the audio match the grandiose scenarios you can create.

A Visual Feast? Sort Of.

Graphics in Ancient Warfare 3 are like a comfort food that's good for your soul but perhaps not too complex on your palate. The low-poly aesthetic gives it a charming, almost toy-like appearance that's surprisingly fitting for a sandbox of this nature. Battles are visually engaging, especially when you've got a hundred units duking it out with various weaponry. However, don't expect photorealism—this game knows its graphical lane and sticks to it admirably, albeit with some performance hitches during larger skirmishes that could use a touch of optimization magic.

Creativity Unleashed

With access to over 50k+ workshop items, the game transforms into not just a sandbox but a sprawling canvas for your wildest warfare fantasies. What sets Ancient Warfare 3 apart is its embracing of player-driven content; from sprawling campaigns to bizarre custom battles. The active community and hands-on developer presence breathe life into the game, ensuring it's not just a game but a platform for endless creativity. Yet, one can't help but wish for more streamlined tools and resources for the less coding-savvy among us, making the jump into game creation just a tad less intimidating. Game Cover Art
STEAM RATING 95 .4% Developer & Publisher Jannik Nickel Release Date January 26, 2024


Ancient Warfare 3 is a sandbox experience like no other, where the limited bounds of reality give way to the limitless confines of your imagination. Armed with an intuitive (if sometimes stubborn) editor and a vast arsenal of weapons spanning eras, it invites you to craft, battle, and share your most audacious scenarios. Despite facing criticism for its learning curve and performance issues during larger battles, it stands as a testament to the joy of creative freedom. Whether you're a hardened strategist or a dreamer with a penchant for mayhem, Ancient Warfare 3 offers a playground where creativity is queen, and every battle is a story waiting to be told. Pour your hours into this game; it's an investment in fun and chaos that you won't regret. Just maybe keep those battle sizes reasonable, lest your PC decides to take a leap into the afterlife.