Bravery and Greed

Bravery and Greed - The Rogue Brawler We Didn't Know We Needed

Rediscover your love for dungeon brawlers and roguelites with the vibrant world of 'Bravery and Greed'.

last updated Jan 20, 2024
Get rich or keep trying, because this game is an addictive hoard of frenetic dungeon fun.

Coins, Swords, and Sorcery!

Nostalgia with a fresh twist, 'Bravery and Greed' delivers an arcade-esque, stick-to-your-gaming-chair level of fun! The game takes you on a quaint trip back to the days of beat 'em ups and gloriously meshes it with roguelite elements. As one cheekily dives into the dungeons, the learning curve is gentle, but don't let that fool you. Once the honeymoon phase is over, you quickly realize that behind its simple exterior is a complex beast of strategies waiting to be conquered. Whether you're hacking and slashing solo or living the chaos dream with up to four players, there's enough here to have you muttering, 'Just one more run!'

Bard Bops & Goblin Grooves

Slide your headphones on and let's rave to midi-orchestrals because the jam sessions are wild in 'Bravery and Greed'. This is more than just your standard chiptune affair; we've got a soundtrack that packs medieval punches while also whispering sweet bardic nothings in your eardrums during calmer moments. Now, if only those goblins knew tune and rhythm, we'd be having a full-on dungeon rave. Sound effects strike a pleasant balance between satisfying clinks of gold and the necessary grunts of battle – nothing like the right auditory feedback to keep the adrenaline high!

Pixel Perfection or Graphical Greed?

Let’s not beat around the bush (or in this case, the crypts); 'Bravery and Greed' isn't going to make your GPU break a sweat, but that's not really the point. It sticks to its charming, pixelated guns and pulls it off with style. Colors pop like an enchanted firework display, whereas performance keeps things as smooth as a rogue's tongue. No frame drops here, folks, just endless satisfaction as you beat pixelated baddies into pixelated oblivion. And boy, do those animations make every barbaric swing and spell cast look oh-so sweet.

Of Heroes and Hiccups

While this treasure trove of dungeon delights shines in many respects, it's not without a handful of cave trolls. Some heroes, feeling they innately possess the grace of a tipsy ogre, can be a clunky mess to navigate. And let’s just address the troll in the room: Multiplayer is fab when it's smooth sailing, but when the seas get choppy, with bugs causing your mighty heroes to feel more like punching bags, even the bravest of hearts can't endure. These are rare, yet when they make an appearance, it's like a curse that even your local wizard couldn’t dispel.

Does It Pay to Play?

Now, the game's price tag is where things get... well, let's just say 'interesting'. For the thrifty adventurer, nabbing 'Bravery and Greed' on a discount is like finding a secret room filled with gold. And trust me, the dopamine hits are real. However, some of you full-price-paying paladins might feel the pinch in your purse, especially when, after a whirlwind adventure, you realize the dungeon ends a little sooner than you'd hope. Worth the weight in gold and the play? Absolutely. Worth skipping a few meals for? Hmm, questionable. Game Cover Art
STEAM RATING 77 .98% Developer Rekka Games Publisher Team17 Release Date November 15, 2022

The Verdict

In the grand colosseum of gaming, 'Bravery and Greed' fights valiantly and earns its keep in the rogue-brawler arena. It's not without its flaws, but the overall package is a fun, colorful romp through fantasy tropes we've all come to love. For those who get a thrill from co-op chaos, pixel-perfect art, and can forgive a bug or two, it's a worthwhile addition to your collection, especially if you've been longing for a multiplayer beat 'em up with depth, style, and personality. Bottom line: Get rich or keep trying, because this game is an addictive hoard of frenetic dungeon fun.