Egg - A Crackin' Good Time!

An in-depth review of the most eggciting clicker game to grace the internet.

last updated Feb 07, 2024
'Egg' is a deceptively simple game that offers an incredibly satisfying clicking experience.

Click, Click, Egg

Let's talk about 'Egg', a game that's as straightforward as its title suggests. It's a clicker game where the objective is to click an egg. That's it. No frills, no unnecessary complexities, just pure, unadulterated eggy goodness. Surprisingly, this simplicity is its biggest strength. It's incredibly satisfying to see the numbers go up as you embark on this egg-clicking journey. The game is an ode to the mundane turned extraordinary through relentless clicking. Despite its apparent simplicity, there's an odd sense of achievement in amassing more eggs, pushing you to click just one more time.

Auditory Eggcellence

The audio in 'Egg' is, quite literally, music to the ears. Described by fans as an 'eargasm', the game’s sound effects of eggs clacking and cracking add a layer of gratification to each click. There's something almost meditative about the rhythmic sounds that accompany your egg-clicking frenzy. Moreover, the jubilant cheers and whimsical tunes that play as you reach new milestones further enrich the audio experience, making each achievement feel like a festive celebration of your eggy endeavors.

A Visual Omelette

Graphically, 'Egg' might just crack your expectations wide open. It presents a visually appealing egg that serves as the centerpiece of your screen, and it's more than just a pretty face. The game boasts ultra high-definition settings with ray tracing, ensuring that each egg click feels impactful. Moreover, it runs smoother than a whisked omelette on even the most eggstreme gaming setups. While some may jest about the game requiring an RTX 4080 to run at its best, rest assured, 'Egg' is optimized to run seamlessly across a range of devices. It’s certainly an aesthetic feast, with each egg representing a masterpiece waiting to be hatched.


While 'Egg' offers an unparalleled clicking experience, it's not without its yolks – I mean, jokes. Players have noted the game's lack of multiplayer features, expressing a desire to compare and compete on egg clicks with friends. It's an area ripe for exploration in future updates, potentially adding another layer of engagement to the already addictive gameplay. Despite this, 'Egg' stands out for its singular focus on providing an eggsquisite clicking adventure. Its simplicity is its charm, offering an egg-centric universe that captivates with every click. Game Cover Art
STEAM RATING 87 .80% Developer KolbasinoGames Publisher KolbasinoGames Release Date February 03, 2024


Egg' is a deceptively simple game that offers an incredibly satisfying clicking experience. Its straightforward gameplay, combined with delightful audio and visually appealing graphics, makes it an irresistible choice for anyone looking to indulge in some casual gaming. While it might benefit from collaborative features down the line, 'Egg' currently stands as a testament to the joy found in simplicity. It's an eggcellent way to pass the time, proving that sometimes, the best things in life are just a click away.