God Of Weapons

Puzzle Your Way to the Top in God of Weapons

Survive the monsters and organize your arsenal in this intriguing roguelike.

last updated Jan 21, 2024
You're not just buying a game; you're adopting a hobby.

Dizzying Heights of Inventorial Strategy

God of Weapons promises an invigorating climb up the Zhor tower, demanding not only quick reflexes but a master's degree in inventory management. With a careful touch, you can cultivate a garden of destruction in your backpack. The versatility of characters, each brimming with uniqueness like snowflakes in a blizzard, allows for numerous approaches to each terror-filled tier. And while your bulging brain might be calculating the perfect spatial arrangement of an arsenal, a part of you will yearn for a dab of lunacy in the weapon variety. But hey, at least your fingers get a workout with the punchy, albeit occasionally clunky, controls.

Symphony of Slaughter

If there's one thing that'll keep your adrenaline pumping as you dash and blast through each level, it's the sound design. The clanging of steel, the sizzle of magic, and the cries of vanquished foes create an orchestra of chaos. Then there's the music, an unrelenting heartbeat that thrums in time with the action, dropping beats as fast as you're dropping monsters. Whether it's a subtle nod or a blatant homage, the soundtrack sings praises to the classics of the genre. Just don't expect any Grammy-worthy compositions. They're more like that trusty old playlist that hypes you up but won't be featured on any Top 40 lists.

A Visual Journey Rife with Practical Magic

On the visual front, God of Weapons doesn't just swing its sword, it embarks on a full-frontal assault. Gorgeous, yes, but with that familiar 'isometric-but-not-quite-what-you-expected' angle that's all the rage these days. Even though it looks like the lovechild of Tron and a medieval fair, navigating the world can be like peeking over a privacy fence at times. But fret not, for every shield that obscures your vision comes a bolt or ball of fiery arcane magic that burns with satisfying beauty. Just don't expect your machine to start panting like a marathon runner in a heatwave; performance is as smooth as a well-oiled catapult.

The Chinks in the Armor

Now, no hero's journey is without its trials and tribulations, and this digital odyssey has its fair share. The blueprint for the UI looks like it suffered more than a few paper cuts during design, leaving some icons and their functions as cryptic as an eldritch hieroglyph. The absence of more 'out-there' weapon options feels like a missed opportunity to really dial the crazy up to eleven. And while I'm not one for extended tutorials, a little more guidance wouldn't hurt. I mean, discovering a UI element 28 hours in is less 'Eureka!' and more 'Seriously, bro?'

A Tower of Trials and Triumphs

Praise the gaming deities for an experience that dodges the bloatware bullet. The hooks sink in fast, and with the eclectic mix of classes and weapons, each run through the tower feels like a new adventure. Some imperfections—such as the struggles of the higher difficulties for certain classes—aren't fatal flaws, they're more like tales to regale your fellow tavern-goers with. The balance between the legendary loot and creating a monstrous build is akin to a tightrope walk over a pit of lava, challenging yet deeply rewarding. Ah, the joy of mowing down mobs with meticulously managed munitions. It's like a ballet... with bazookas. Game Cover Art
STEAM RATING 86 .4% Developer Archmage Labs Publisher Archmage Games Studio Release Date September 12, 2023

The Verdict

God of Weapons takes you on a heady mix of strategy and survival, weaving inventory management with bullet-hell battles. Ingenious, perhaps not groundbreaking, but the depth of detail with an armory that would make a blacksmith weep easily makes it a must-try, especially at such a divine price point. It's a diamond in the rough that buffs up nicely with a little bit of elbow grease and the willingness to dive into its multidimensional mayhem. You're not just buying a game; you're adopting a hobby. The tower is tall, the struggle is real, but the spoils are oh so sweet.