Moss: Book II

Moss: Book II – A Masterpiece Worthy of VR Royalty

A stunning leap forward from its predecessor, Moss: Book II is a VR adventure that's nothing short of enchanting.

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last updated Dec 08, 2023
It's a testament to the potential of physical immersion in digital storytelling and an absolute triumph for Quill, Polyarc, and small game developers everywhere.

Mightier Than the Sword: Gameplay Evolution

If ever there was a question about how to ace a sequel, Moss: Book II has the razor-sharp answer. Elevating the already acclaimed platforming and puzzle-solving of its predecessor, this gem introduces a smorgasbord of refined mechanics and enigmas that would puzzle even the Sphinx. Combat, despite its straightforward tap-and-smash nature, is buoyed by a flurry of new armaments that Quill wields with the finesse of a rodent-sized duelist. The non-linear sprawl of the worlds, now laced with a central hub, feels like a buffet of exploration where every turn reveals another mouthwatering course. Moss: Book II is to video games what sliced bread is to sandwiches – an irrefutable improvement.

A Symphony for the Senses: Audio That Enthralls

The auditory journey in Moss: Book II is akin to walking through a dream where every note and sound is meticulously crafted to brush the heartstrings. The battle themes in particular, with their harmonious blend of suspense and action, compel you to throw down your proverbial gauntlet and dance with danger. The melodic beauty of the soundtrack isn't here just for show; it underpins every moment of triumph and tribulation, amplifying the emotional narrative that unfolds. And let's not sleep on the environmental effects – every rustle, creak, and clash immerses you deeper in this whimsical world.

A Visual Feast: Graphics and Performance

There's a feast for the eyes waiting in Moss: Book II, with graphics so beautiful they could make a gorgon weep. The game isn’t just about ogling 3D models and textured landscapes; it's about the experiential marvel that comes with VR. Sure, there are some minor bugs where Quill might teleport through walls or perform a whimsical vanishing act, but these are mere ants at a picnic. With performance smoother than a greased otter on a slip-n-slide, the occasional graphical hiccup is worth enduring for the treat of seeing this vibrant, animated children’s book come to life.

Tailored for Adventure: New Features and Easter Eggs

Quill's return brings a basketful of fresh features and delightful details that'll melt even the iciest gamer's heart. For instance, the use of sign language is a stroke of genius, adding depth to Quill’s character connection. The finesse of chapter select is just the cherry on top, ensuring that the hunt for collectibles and achievements is frustration-free. A few misleading indicators may throw you off the scent for Relic Dust, but these minor cartographic mishaps feel less like flaws and more like opportunities to flex those detective muscles. Game Cover Art
STEAM RATING 99 .46% Developer & Publisher Polyarc Release Date October 20, 2022

The Verdict

Suffice it to say, Moss: Book II isn’t just a must-play; it’s a must-experience ode to the heart of imaginative storytelling in VR. It carries you away on an adventure teeming with puzzles, action, and moments that tug at the ol' heartstrings. Perfectly weaving together its narrative with innovative gameplay, disarmingly delightful characters, and landscapes that feel alive, this sequel raises the bar high – not just for VR games, but for the power of interactive narratives. It's a testament to the potential of physical immersion in digital storytelling and an absolute triumph for Quill, Polyarc, and small game developers everywhere.