Stray: The Purrfect Cyberpunk Odyssey

Meander through the eyes of a feline in a cybernetic metropolis where every alley has a tale, and every meow is a step toward home.

last updated Nov 19, 2023
The game melds platforming, puzzles, and an atmospheric adventure with such finesse that it’s like it's been brewed in a witch's cauldron, except the witch is a cat.

The Cat's Meow of Gameplay

Who knew being a cat could be this packed with action and suspense? With Stray, our four-legged protagonist deftly navigates the dystopian rooftops and alleyways with enviable agility. Under the guise of a platformer, this game serves up a delightful cocktail of puzzles and stealth, shaken, not stirred, with a dash of good old-fashioned exploration. The ingenuity of the developers shines as they've cleverly incorporated feline antics into the heart of the gameplay; think squeezing through tight spaces and performing death-defying leaps that would make even the most accomplished parkour athlete raise an eyebrow. Despite the occasional hiccup with controls feeling as finicky as a cat on a hot tin roof, the gameplay remains top-tier, purr-fection.

Symphony of Meows

If cats had a favorite tune, it would be the soundtrack of this game—elegantly composed, emitting vibes of mystery and intrigue. Stray's audio is a well-orchestrated symphony where every purr, meow, and pawstep creates an aural tapestry that breathes life into the cybernetic city. The atmospheric soundscape enhances every moment of the journey, from the resonance of rain pattering against neon-lit sidewalks to the cyber-symphonic melodies that cascade over the crumbling cityscape. The result? An audible feast that elevates the experience from a simple saunter to an epic tail... I mean, tale.

A Pawtrait of Pixel Perfection

Parents always say it's what's on the inside that counts, but let’s face it, looks matter—especially in gaming. Stray delivers a graphical buffet as luxurious as a saucer of milk under the full moon. From the glistening neon hum to the Gothic-like decaying beauty of the cybercity, every frame serves as a still from a futuristic feline film noir. This visual feast runs smoother than a cat caught in catnip, with performance slicker than a sleek feline coat, even on rigs that aren't quite cutting edge. Although one might encounter the occasional bug, like a stray hairball on a clean carpet, they are few and far between, leaving players free to marvel at a world rendered with such fastidious attention to detail that even the most meticulous cats would approve.

The Feline Philosopher

Beyond the swishing tail of gameplay and the twitching whiskers of awe-inspiring visuals, Stray offers narrative crumbs that lead us through a story rich with philosophical meanderings. It’s like somebody tossed Kafka, Bradbury, and a clowder of cats into a blender and poured out an intriguing concoction of a tale. The absence of spoon-fed storytelling might make some players feel like they're trying to herd cats at times, but piecing together the lore from subtle environmental hints is rewarding in its own right. So, while you're busy being the resident cat burglar, don't forget to pause and appreciate the story sprawled across the sprawling metropolis—you might just find yourself musing on the human (and robotic) condition. Game Cover Art
STEAM RATING 97 .32% Developer BlueTwelve Studio Publisher Annapurna Interactive Release Date July 19, 2022

The Verdict

Stray is an ambitious and heartwarming jaunt that defies the genre norms and sets the bar for indie titles to follow. The game melds platforming, puzzles, and an atmospheric adventure with such finesse that it’s like it's been brewed in a witch's cauldron, except the witch is a cat. The blending of superb gameplay, captivating graphics, and an enchanting score creates an immersive experience that resonates emotionally and intellectually. Play this gem, and you'll be hard-pressed not to be won over, whether you're a cat person or merely a connoisseur of fine gaming experiences.